Substitute For Maris Piper Potatoes: 10 Best Alternatives

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When it comes to cooking, potatoes are an important ingredient that makes many meals taste great.

Maris Piper potatoes are a popular choice among the different kinds because they have a great texture and taste.

But sometimes you might not be able to get Maris Piper potatoes or you might want to try out new tastes in your recipes.

When this happens, it’s important to know the best substitute for Maris Piper potatoes so that your dishes don’t lose taste or structure.

What is Maris Piper Potatoes?

Substitute For Maris Piper Potatoes

Maris Piper potatoes are a famous variety that can be used in a lot of different ways.

They taste and feel great. The floury yet creamy texture of these potatoes, which come from Scotland, makes them great for a wide range of delicious foods.

Their light brown skin and white meat make them great for frying, mashing, baking, and roasting, and they always turn out fluffy and tasty.

Maris Piper potatoes have a reputation for being the best ones to use when making golden, crispy chips and smooth, creamy boiled potatoes.

Their consistency and ability to keep their shape when cooked make them a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. They bring joy to many meals around the world.

Substitute For Maris Piper Potatoes

There are several good alternatives to Maris Piper potatoes if you don’t have any on hand. Russet potatoes, like Maris Piper, are great for baking, frying, and mashing because they have a lot of starch in them.

Even though Yukon Gold potatoes have a little less starch, they still work well for roasting, baking, boiling, and mashing.

Choosing the right option will depend on the recipe and how you want the dish to taste.

1. Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold potatoes

Maris Piper potatoes are known for being smooth and slippery and can be replaced with Yukon Gold potatoes.

They taste and look alike, which makes them a good choice for a wide range of recipes.

Yukon Gold potatoes taste a little bit like butter, which makes your meals taste even more rich.

They can be boiled, mashed, or roasted, making them a flexible choice for your cooking needs.

Yukon Golds hold their shape well because they are thick. This makes them great for potato salads or casseroles that need distinct pieces.

2. Russet Potatoes

Russet potato

The basic Russet potato is another great substitute to use instead of Maris Piper potatoes.

Russet potatoes have a lot of starch, which makes them fluffy and light when cooked. You can bake them, fry them, or use them to make fluffy mashed potatoes.

Russets are also the best choice for making homemade French fries because the outside gets crispy while the inside stays soft.

Russet potatoes might not taste exactly the same as Maris Piper, but they make up for it with their great texture and ability to be cooked in many different ways.

3. King Edward

King Edward potatoes are a great substitute for Maris Piper potatoes for people who want something fancier.

These potatoes are great for cooking and baking because they are soft and have a unique, creamy taste.

When King Edwards are cooked, they get a golden crust that goes well with the soft inside.

Their rich, buttery taste makes gratins and casseroles taste even better, so chefs and home cooks both love them.

4. Desiree

Desiree potatoes

When you want your meals to be rich and creamy, you can use Desiree potatoes instead of Maris Piper.

These potatoes with reddish skins taste slightly sweet and have a hard but floury texture that makes them great for mashing, baking, or frying.

When Desiree potatoes are cooked, they get a soft, fluffy inside that works great in meals like mashed potatoes and potato gratin.

If you want to get the most out of Desiree potatoes, choose meals that show off their smooth texture and strong flavor.

For a tasty side dish, cut them into chunks and roast them with a little olive oil and rosemary.

If you want to add a nice twist to your shepherd’s pie, try using Desiree potatoes. Their creamy texture will make the dish even more indulgent.

5. Charlotte

Charlotte potatoes

Charlotte potatoes are a great substitute for potatoes if you want something that tastes light and sweet.

These potatoes are popular for salads and boiling because their skin is smooth and thin and their flesh is hard and waxy.

Charlotte potatoes cook well and keep their shape, which makes them perfect for warm or cold potato recipes.

Make a delicious potato gratin by slicing Charlotte potatoes thinly and layering them with cream, garlic, and cheese.

Charlotte potatoes have a natural buttery taste that adds to the dish and makes it a favorite among potato lovers.

6. Nicola

Nicola potatoes are a great substitute for Maris Piper when it comes to boiling, steaming, or sautéing.

With their smooth, golden skin and waxy texture, Nicola potatoes hold their shape very well when cooked, which makes them a choice for salads and casseroles.

Also, casseroles and gratins are great ways to use Nicola potatoes. Their thick texture keeps them from getting mushy, and rich sauces and creamy toppings go well with them.

For a delicious potato dish, slice Nicola potatoes very thinly and layer them with cheese and a rich béchamel sauce.

7. Kennebec

Kennebec potatoes

Kennebec potatoes are a great substitute for Maris Piper potatoes, especially when you need a potato that keeps its shape after cooking.

Kennebec potatoes are great in mashed and roasted meals because they are creamy and have a slightly sweet taste.

They have a thin, golden skin that gives any dish a wonderful crunch. Kennebecs are great for savory spices and herbs because they absorb flavors well because they have a lot of starch.

Make sure not to boil Kennebecs for too long, or they will get mushy.

8. Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes

If you want a colorful option, Red Potatoes is the way to go. Their bright red skin and white, firm flesh make meals that are sure to catch people’s attention.

Red potatoes are a great substitute for Maris Piper in recipes, especially when you want to add a pop of color.

Because they are waxy, they are perfect for boiling, steaming, or putting in soups.

They taste a little bit like nuts and butter, which makes them a great addition to any meal.

9. White potatoes

White potatoes are a classic choice that can be used in any recipe that calls for Maris Piper.

They have smooth, thin skin and a fluffy, starchy inside, which makes them great for baking, cooking, or frying.

They have a mild taste that goes well with a wide range of foods and seasonings.

This makes them a good substitute. When using White Potatoes, pay attention to their size because bigger ones might take longer to cook.

10. Baby/New Potatoes

Think about Baby or New Potatoes as a light and soft substitute. The skins on these young potatoes are thin, so you don’t have to peel them.

This saves you time in the kitchen. They have a unique, sweet flavor that goes well with many different foods.

Baby potatoes taste best when you boil, roast, or steam them in a way that keeps them small and easy to eat.

They cook faster than bigger potatoes because they are softer. This makes them a good choice for quick and easy meals.

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Maris Piper potatoes have a special place in the world of food, but if you can’t get them,

there are a lot of other things you can do. Yukon Gold potatoes are a great alternative because they taste like butter and feel smooth.

Russet potatoes, which have a fluffy texture, are also a good substitute for many cooking ways.

So, the next time you can’t find Maris Piper potatoes, you can be sure that these alternatives will keep your cooking exciting and full of flavor.

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